Event Guidelines
Food and beverage prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing can be confirmed 60 days prior to an event. All bar and menu items ordered by the host party are subject to 18% gratuity & 5.5% sales tax. Any food and beverage items purchased for your event may not be removed from Crooked Creek Golf Club property. Only one meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) selection may be chosen for your event at the printed cost. For an additional charge, you may choose two selections. Final payment is due at the end of the event!
A $200.00 deposit and a signed contract are required to reserve a date for your event. Cancellation of an event must be done 6 months prior to your scheduled date. A cancellation form must be filled out and signed by the person whose name is on the original contract. If eligible, please allow up to 21 days for processing on deposit refunds.
Crooked Creek Golf Club may plan two events per day. In order to serve the needs of our guests, the day events must end no later than 3:00 pm. Evening events may begin no earlier than 3:30 pm. Last call will be made at 11:45 pm. All decorations must be taken down the day of the event, with all guest and/or independent contractors aware that they are to be out by 12:30 am.
Liability and Damage
Crooked Creek Golf Club is not responsible for any damage to or loss of merchandise, personal items, or valuables, during or following your event. All guest and/or independent contractors hired by the guest are responsible for any set up and tear down of their products. All guest and/or independent contractors are responsible for any loss and/or damage done to Crooked Creek property.
Alcohol Service
Crooked Creek Golf Club requires all guests to comply with the liquor laws of the State of Nebraska. Alcohol not purchased from Crooked Creek Golf Club is not to be consumed on the premises. Any individuals caught consuming beverages not purchased at Crooked Creek Golf Club will have all alcohol and coolers confiscated, and will be asked to leave the property immediately. We also reserve the right to deny the sale of alcohol to anyone who cannot provide proper identification, and/or appears to be intoxicated.
Any use of illegal substances on Crooked Creek property will be reported to and handled by the proper authorities.
Food Service  
All food service will go through Crooked Creek Golf Club. Food or drink not purchased from Crooked Creek Golf Club cannot be brought onto the facility without the prior approval of the event coordinator. Wedding Cake providers must be approved by Crooked Creek at the time of final preparations. All drinks must be purchased through Crooked Creek Golf Club including punches, etc.
Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. These areas are located outside the North entrance, and/or along the deck on the south side of the building.
No glitter or confetti. If used, your deposit will automatically be kept. No candles will be allowed on deck. All candles must be enclosed. All lights that are property of Crooked Creek must be left up, unless arrangements have been made prior to your event. An additional charge may be assessed to take them down and/or put them back up.
All children must be supervised, at all times. No children may be on range, putting green, or golf course at any time without adult supervision. Any damages will be charged to your account.
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